Summertime at The Dog Park

There is no better way to enjoy summer with your pup than a visit to the local dog park. Outdoor activities and dog socialization are vital for optimal health and happiness. No doubt, your dog truly values your companionship, however it's important to boost your dog's confidence with mental and physical stimulation obtained from playtime with new friends.

Safety First

Not all dog owners are as smart and focused as their dogs. It’s common to see people lounging on benches, neglecting to teach their dog park etiquette. Stay close to your pup, monitor dog play and don’t hesitate to separate dogs if they exhibit signs of stress. Not all dogs play the same way, find a good match for your dog and supervise their interaction. If you're new to the park, avoid larger packs. Eventually your dog will get to know the regulars and feel confident enough to join the party. Trust your instincts, if the dog park seems too rowdy, simply leave and return later.

Training Opportunities

Every outing is a training opportunity when it comes to your pup. Dog parks are wonderful places to practice commands from the moment you approach the gate. Make your dog ‘sit’ and 'stay' before entering the park. Occasionally break-up playtime by practicing recall or playing a game of fetch. Training your dog at the dog park keeps their learning experience positive, exciting and enables you to interact with your dog in a different setting with new challenges.

Puppy Season

This time of year brings an abundance of puppies to the dog parks. This is a crucial time for socialization. Whether you have a puppy or an older dog, learning to engage with dogs of all ages lays the foundation for a well-adjusted pup. Older dogs will correct a puppy for playing too rough, this is an essential part of the learning process. There is no better teacher than a tolerant dog who's willing to play with an energetic puppy. Utilize the small/shy dog section to familiarize your puppy with their new surroundings.

Meditative Play

Watching dogs play with endless enthusiasm is enough to melt the worries of the day. Dog Parks are not only beneficial for your dog, they can aid in relaxing your mind and help create an even deeper bond between you and your furry friend.

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