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Estwing CA-39R Replacement Shingle Hatchet Blade Estwing EG Replacement Gauge Sure Strike MRW18R Shingle Hatchet
Contains three B5 blades, two screws, and one EG gauge. For Nos. E3-CA (680.7499) and E3-S (644.0226). Allows for quick measurements; screws directly onto the hatchet. Fits: roofing hatchet E3-S (644.0226) and E3-CA (680.7499). Fully polished steel head with triple wedge construction and 3-hole gauge with sliding blade.
Estwing E3-CA Shingle Hammer With Replaceable Blade and Gauge Plumb 11558 Shingle Hatchet With Leather Strap Vaughan & Bushnell SH Shingle Hatchet
Forged, one piece, solid steel with slotted, retractable and replaceable cutting blade, nylon vinyl grip bonded to handle. Used to cut or trim all types of composition shingles, standard and metric. Blade has a cutting edge of 1-13/16? and uses replacement blades (050.0181) and replacement gauge (044.0248). Fully polished head, adjustable gauge, draw knife inner blade, handle with leather strap, permabond construction between head and handle. Forged from American made, high carbon steel; fully polished head with a high density American hickory handle; thin blade splits shakes cleanly with a 2-1/2? cut; inner blade has a draw knife for shaving shakes, three-hole gauges to space the length of shingle exposed to weather using both U.S. and metric measurements.
Estwing E3-S Shingle Hatchet With Replaceable Gauge
Fully polished, forged, one piece, solid steel construction to eliminate loose heads; gauge for adjusting. Nylon vinyl deep cushion grip bonded to handle.