SafeChoice Mare & Foal

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A controlled starch textured formula for pregnant or lactating mares, weanlings, and yearlings

Nutrena SafeChoice Mare & Foal is a controlled starch feed for pregnant or lactating mares and growing horses through the second year. Broodmares and their foals need extra love and extra-special nourishment. SafeChoice Mare & Foal horse feed is specifically formulated to give broodmares the enhanced nutrition they need during gestation and lactation. Because good nutrition begins long before birth, transition to SafeChoice Mare & Foal horse feed half way through the pregnancy to promote healthy prenatal development. As your young horse grows, SafeChoice Mare & Foal horse feed provides a careful balance of amino acids and minerals to promote optimum development for the all-important first two years of life.

  • Organic trace minerals to support optimal skeletal development, immune function, and hair coat and hoof quality
  • Guaranteed levels of lysine and methionine to support muscle development and maintenance
  • Controlled starch design to support healthy digestion and help reduce the risk of metabolic concerns
  • Enhanced with antioxidants, including selenium and vitamin E, to support the immune system and help minimize the effects of stress
  • Highly palatable to encourage consumption by foals and smoothes transition during weaning
  • Multi-use formula is ideal for growing horses and pregnant or lactating mares
  • Pellet form promotes consistent intake and prevents sorting of ingredients
  • Same feed for mare and foal allows for an easy transition at weaning time

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein 16.0%
Crude Fat 7.0%
Lysine 0.9%
Methionine 0.35%
Threonine (min.) 0.6%
Crude Fiber (max.) 15.0%
Calcium. 0.9 to 1.2%
Phosphorus 0.7%
Copper 60 PPM
Selenium 0.5 PPM
Vitamin A 5,000 IU/lb.
Vitamin D3 500 IU/lb.
Vitamin E 150 IU/lb.
Biotin 0.45 MG/lb.

Feeding Directions:
Pregnant Mares (last half of pregnancy): 0.5 lb. to 0.75 lb. per 100 lb. or (kg) of bodyweight
Lactating Mares (early lactation, foaling to 3 months): 1.0 lb. to1.5 lb. per 100 lb. or (kg) of bodyweight
Lactating Mares (late lactation, 3 months to weaning): 0.75 lb. to 1.0 lb. per 100 lb. or (kg) of bodyweight
Foals: creep feed
Weanlings: 1.5 lb. to 1.75 lb. per 100 lb. or (kg) of bodyweight
Yearlings: 0.75 lb. to 1.5 lb. per 100 lb. or (kg) of bodyweight