JIFFY Pot 2.25" 26pk

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This Jiffy 2 peat pot pack contains twelve (26) pots with a 2" diameter for planting.

Organic and OMRI listed, each pot can be transplanted right along with the plant in order to reduce transplant shock and keep plant roots happy.

How to use:

  • Place Jiffy-Pots on a watertight tray (or something similar) to avoid spillage
  • Fill with your seed starting medium
  • Water pots thoroughly - enough to saturate walls of the pots
  • Sow your seeds according to the instructions on your seed packets

*Peat used  is responsibly sourced Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss.

Instructions: Place Jiffy Pots into Jiffy plant tray. Fill pots with Jiffy Mix. Water thoroughly until pot walls are saturated. Plant seeds according to instructions on seed packet. To harden off, place in shade outside for several days, gradually increasing time spent outside each day. To transplant, plant "pot and all", making sure peat pot is completely covered by garden soil. Water thoroughly.