Fly Stik Sticky Fly Trap

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Sticky 24" fly stik traps insects without insecticide vapors, poisons, or chemicals. For use indoors or out.

The A B C’s of fly traps.

Most horse owners need at least three different types of traps.

A. Use odor traps (the stinky ones you add water to) for house flies at the perimeter of pens, but NEVER use them in the barn, since the odor traps attract flies.
examples: 14317, 20950, 11698, 27934, 11697, 28568

B. Use sticky traps in the barn to catch house flies and many other flying insects.
examples: 11696, 11162, 19929/19930, 31491, 38999, 39000, 28593, 39002, 39001

C. For stable flies (the flies that bite legs and underside), use fly traps specifically designed to attract them.
examples: 35466, 28608