Embudo Valley Organics Poultry Grower

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We blend Certified Organic flax oil, roasted soy beans and corn, homegrown wheat, barley, rye, oats and alfalfa raised on our own Certified Organic fields with sea salt, molasses, nutritional yeast, kelp meal and other healthful ingredients to make a complete, balanced diet for your animals. Our highest quality organic feeds are made with only whole grains and contain no by-products or fillers to ensure healthier and tastier meat, eggs and milk. Our soybeans are roasted and not expelled making for a much longer shelf life and our feed is not pelleted. 

Conventional feeds are now usually made with genetically modified grains which are heavily sprayed in the fields and again in the processing operations. Preservatives and often antibiotics are added since bulk manufacturing and marketing require storage for many months, or even years. Residues of chemical and medicinal substances concentrate in the animals eating them.

You raise your own animals so you will have better meals on your table. Serving Certified Organic feeds will raise the quality of your meats above the supermarket brands. A good diet, along with sunlight, air and exercise (not provided to factory farmed livestock) give your homegrown cuisine that special flavor and nutritional advantage we want for ourselves and loved ones.