AniMed Brewers Yeast 2 LB

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Oral nutritional supplement for horses and dogs. Per the manufacturer, the appearance of this product has changed due to an interruption in supply chain - still the same great nutritional value!

Contains min 35% crude protein, min 1.98% lysine, min 0.67% methionine, min 1% crude fat, max 110% crude fiber, min 0.25%/max 0.75% calcium, min 0.65% phosphorus, max 8.5% moisture, min 9.6 mg thiamine, min 1.06 mg riboflavin, min 10.63 mg niacin, min 1.13 IU vitamin E, min 0.52 mg pyridoxine and min 0.24 mg folic acid.

Directions: Top-dress or mix with feed. Horses - 1-4 Tablespoons daily, Ponies - 1-2 Tablespoons, Dogs - Up to 1 Tablespoon. Large side of enclosed scoop measures 1 Tablespoon or 1/2 oz.


For growing ducklings: 1-1.5 TBS per cup of feed. Always check feed labels, additional Niacin supplementation my not be needed.