Livestock Show Feed

Whether you show your animals or simply want to keep them in prime condition, Show Edge Feed is the way to go. This show animal feed uses the highest quality ingredients with carefully balanced micro- and macronutrients so your goats, calves and other animals will always look, feel and perform at their peak. We offer feed for a variety of show animals:

  • Show Edge Goat Feed
  • Show Edge Calf Feed
  • Show Edge Pig Feed
  • Show Edge Lamb Feed

We also offer Sunglo Pig Grower, a premier line of pig feed designed for pigs weighing over 50 lbs. Sunglo has innovative ingredients and balanced nutrition in a pelleted formula. It is designed to support optimal bone and muscle development without compromising gut health and has all the micronutrients your pig needs for maximum health and show performance.

Shop with The Village Mercantile for the best selection of show animal feed today and save. Keep in mind that all of our show feeds are only available for pickup at our retail storefront!

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