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Irwin 2000 Beam Level Set True Blue E70 JAMB Beam Level Set Savage SVBJKM Magnetic Beam Level Set
Continuous edge increases level durability ensuring accuracy over time; protects center vial and allows for continuous scribing; "Plumb Site" offers dual-sided, undistorted viewing in the plumb position and easy, more accurate plumb readings; retractable end caps allow for scribing into and through corners, increasing work efficiency. True Blue vials are accurate to within .00050" per inch in all 10 level and plumb working positions. Dual molded rubber endcaps for extreme shock resistance; 300 degree view top-reading level vial. Heavy-duty 6061 aircraft aluminum chassis and ergonomic rubber hand grips. The ultimate in accuracy and durability; if you were to cut one in half, you would see the rectangular construction that gives these type of spirit levels the ultimate in durability; continuous dual rail frame; .029 degree vial accuracy; super-strong neodymium magnets and gelshock end caps.
Stabila 37532 Beam Level Set Stabila 38532 Magnetic Beam Level Set
Crystal clear vials readable in any direction with no change in accuracy tolerance. Spring steel hairline indicators in vials. Best frame strength-to-weight ratio. Removable endcaps for scribing in corners and for reading tight header and openings. Rubber endcaps grip walls and do not leave marks. Metal hang hole for storing level on site. Fast and accurate installations with large comfortable rubber hand holes. Strongest magnets, flush mounted so you can work hand free. Spring steel hairline indicators inside the vials with a Certified Level Accuracy in top read position; 1/32" over 72". Vials will never fog, leak or require adjustment and are readable in every direction with no change in accuracy tolerance. Levels 59" and longer have a bridge over the horizontal vial for uninterrupted scribing and increased frame strength. Epoxy-locked vials never need adjusting, removable rubber end caps for flush measuring and pads on end caps grip walls/flat surfaces prevents slipping. Note: 78" has hand holes, 32" does not.