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Feed Supplements for Horses

The right supplement can give your horse the precise nutrition it needs. We offer a variety of targeted equine supplements, including Select I, Select II, Horseshoer’s Secret, Red Cell Supplement and more. Select I’s formula is designed especially for horses that are fed alfalfa hay. Alfalfa tends to be low in phosphorus and high in calcium, so Select I fills in the deficits, giving your horse the right balance of macronutrients along with all the other vitamins, minerals, amino acids, probiotics and yeast cultures that Select formulas provide. Select II is made for animals that are given grass, blended and pasture hays. These hays tend to be lower in calcium and phosphorus, so Select II addresses those deficiencies through a convenient, carefully balanced pelleted formula.

Horseshoer’s Secret is a rich biotin, protein and calcium supplement to strengthen your horse’s connective tissues for not just stronger hooves but also healthier ligaments and tendons, too. This powerful formula will help your animals grow tougher, more flexible hooves while supporting healthy digestion. Iron-rich Red Cell Supplement is a highly palatable yucca-and-cherry-flavored multivitamin and mineral supplement that supports your horse’s energy requirements and blood cell health. This easy-to-use multi-vitamin supplies a balanced blend of essential micronutrients and polyunsaturated fats for healthy skin and hair.

Choose the horse supplements best for your animal and shop with us today!

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