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Shop-Vac 2021000 Wet/Dry Wall Mount Corded Vacuum Shop-Vac 5890200 Wet/Dry Corded Vacuum VACUUM WET/DRY 2PK HP 2.5G
Quiet, hand held, wall mountable easy to carry; weighs less than full-size vacs and occupies minimal storage space. Tool holder and wall bracket keeps vac and accessories in place. Specs: cord length is 6 feet, hose size is 1.25" diameter, and tank size is one gallon. Lightweight and portable. Use for quick wet and dry pick up jobs in the home, garage, workshop or vehicles. Wall mountable, hand held design and extra quiet. Wall bracket for easy compact storage, built-in tool holder and hose holder keeps tools organized. 6' cord length. 4' x 1-1/4" hose, gulper nozzle, crevice tool, wall bracket, reusable disc filter with mounting ring and foam sleeve included. 120-Volt,  60 HZ, and 8 Amps. This portable, bagless Armor All Utility vac is specifically designed to clean the interior of your car and handles both wet and dry pickup. Includes all accessories for complete interior cleaning and easily converts to a blower to dry motorcycles, car grills and wheels. It also has an automatic shut off to prevent overflow and a built-in air and noise diffuser for efficient and quiet operation. It also features a 10' power cord with cord wrap, on-board accessory, hose storage, and a dust sealed switch. It includes a 6' x 1-1/4" hose, reusable foam filter sleeve, 2-in-1 utility nozzle, crevice tool, blower nozzle/adapter, deluxe car nozzle and a car detail brush.
VACUUM WET/DRY 3PK HP 5GAL    VACUUM WET/DRY SS 3PK HP 6GAL All Around Ez 5895200 Wet/Dry Corded Vacuum
Powered by a strong 3 peak HP motor, this is an ideal compact wet/dry vac for the home. Conveniently store and maneuver this 5 gallon shop vacuum with the balanced top handle and on-board storage. Picks up dry debris and liquid messes with ease; it even converts to a blower. Features an 8' power cord with cord wrap, on-board accessory storage, 360 degree swivel casters and 6' x 1-1/4" locking hose. It includes a noise diffuser, 3 extension wands, 2-in-1 utility nozzle, re-usable foam filter and a floor brush/squeegee nozzle. The Vacmaster stainless steel wet/dry vac is ultra-lightweight, powerful and portable. Use at home, in the garage or at the office. The stainless steel tank offers a more professional look and will stand up to the rugged demands of your job. Powerful 3 Peak HP motor delivers the suction necessary for all your household projects. It features a 12' power cord with cord wrap, on-board accessory storage, balanced top handle design, drain port and 7' x 1-1/4" locking hose. It includes an air control handle, 2 extension wands, cartridge filter, dust collection bag, reusable wet foam filter, multi-surface floor nozzle, crevice tool and round dust brush. The power of a full size vacuum with the convenience of a hand-held model. Accessories and filters include 7'x 1-1/4" friction hose, (2) extension wands, dual surface nozzle, crevice tool, gulper nozzle, round brush, foam sleeve, collection filter bag.
VACUUM WET/DRY PRO 5PK HP 4GAL VAC W/D DTCHBL BLWR 4PK HP 8G Shop-Vac 9650900 Wet/Dry Corded Vacuum
This lightweight and powerful contractor wet/dry vac is perfect for the job site, truck or workshop. This 5 Peak HP industrial grade 2-stage motor provides greater suction power, longer motor life and quieter operation.It features large rear wheels, front heavy-duty casters and rear caddy for additional storage. It also has an 18' power cord with cord wrap, large dust sealed on/off switch and it easily converts to a blower. It includes a 7' x 7/8" hose, extension wands, air control nozzle, fine dust cartridge filter, dust collection bag, utility nozzle, crevice tool, car nozzle, 1-1/4" adapter, air/hose diffuser and a floor squeegee nozzle. With this convenient 2-in-1 tool, you get a powerful 4 peak HP wet/dry vac that converts to a 190 MPH leaf blower with an effortless press of a button. No more hassling with cumbersome latches and locks. The vac has a rugged 8 gallon polypropylene tank, on-board accessory storage, an extra large drain for quick disposal and a 7' x 1-1/4" secure fit hose. It also features a 10' cord with cord wrap and a large dust sealed switch. It includes a cartridge filter, 2 extension wands, 2-1/2" blower wand, blower nozzle, blower adaptor, floor brush/squeegee and a crevice tool. Super quiet operation with onboard accessory storage and stainless steel tank. Vac has a blower feature, LockOn hose with a hose size 8' x 1.25" and 6' cord. Includes: (3) 1-1/4" extension wands, 10" wet/dry nozzle, gulper nozzle, crevice tool, cartridge filter, disposable filter bag.
All Around 5870400 Wet/Dry Corded Vacuum Shop-Vac 5872462 Wet/Dry Corded Vacuum VACUUM WET/DRY 5.3 GA 1800WATT
Lightweight, compact, space-saver design adaptable to interior/exterior chores for carpets, boats, vehicles, campers/RVS, upholstery, stairs, kitchen or shop. Quiet 9-amp motor. Auto suction shut-off prevents overflow. Plastic tank resists rust and dents. Easy-to-use disposable collection bags. Easy reach on/off switch, convenient top carrying handle and 2 large rear wheels for easy glide movement. 18' cord length. Includes a cartridge filter and disposable, high efficiency filter bag. 8' x 1-1/4" LockOn hose, (2) 1-1/4" extension wands, dual service selector nozzle, wet/dry nozzle, crevice tool, a round brush, cartridge filter and filter bag. Heavy-duty, hand held design portable vac is easy to carry and compact. Top carry handle for easy lifting, LockOn hose system, accessory storage and cord wrap. Includes: 7' x 1.5" LockOn hose, claw utility nozzle, crevice tool, tool holder, cartridge filter and collection filter bag. Karcher's WD4 provides powerful cleaning performance. A top mount filter location means easy, sealed access to the filter without re-circulating dust and can remain in the vacuum for wet or dry cleaning. 1800 watt motor delivers ideal air flow into 5.3 gallons of usable wet or dry capacity. Durable construction for years of use. Includes hose, extension wand, crevice tool, hand grip nozzle, standard floor nozzle, pleated filter and fleece bag. German engineered.
Karcher's WD5/P provides powerful, convenient cleaning performance. Semi-automatic Tact filter cleaning technology for maximum productivity. The top mount filter location means easy, seals access to the filter without re-circulating dust. An onboard power tool outlet with auto start and stop delivers on the job, hands-free convenience. Additionally, a built-in blower quickly moves dirt and debris from hard-to-reach areas. The 1800 watt motor delivers ideal air flow into 6.6 gallons of usable wet or dry capacity. Durable construction for years of use. Includes hose, extension wand, crevice tool, hand grip nozzle with removable handle, standard floor nozzle, pleated filter and fleece bag. German engineering. Cleans large amounts of fine dust. Fully automatic filter cleaning Tact system automatically cleans the filter while vacuuming. Thanks to Tact, over 770 pounds of dust can be vacuumed before the filter must be manually cleaned. Eliminates time consuming work disruptions for filter cleanings and prolongs the filter life by up to 3 times. Onboard power outlet with auto-start for power tools switches on only when the power tool is in operation. Compact flat pleated filter resides completely outside the tank, thereby maximizing tank capacity. Remove/replace the filter without opening the tank, avoiding the usual mess created by filter cleanings. Designed for both coarse and fine dust, as well as wet suction. Certified HEPA ready.