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Cattle Care Supplies & Farm Equipment

We carry cattle farm supplies designed to keep growing calves and their parents happy and healthy. All of our cattle care equipment comes backed by our personal guarantee of quality and safety. In fact, we only carry cattle farm supplies that we’d use ourselves. Shop for nutrient-rich feed for show cattle or rearing cattle, and stock up on feeding supplies for newborns.

When you shop our selection of New Mexico-based cattle supplies, you’re shopping with a locally focused and family-run business. We’ve been in business in Corrales, NM, since the early 1990s. Shop today and come pick up your order at our storefront as you say hello and see our commitment to safe, healthy cattle rearing.

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Purina Wind and Rain Mineral Nutrebeef® Textured Feed
Nutrebeef® Textured Feed
Our Price: $15.99
Preformated copy NutreBeef® Textured feed provides supplementation to support growth and development or help improve the body condition of cows any time of the year. Textured feed is designed to get cattle eating when their appetite is reduced due to stress or weaning.
For Cows: Feed to a body condition goal of 5 to 7 at calving time. Talk to your Nutrena® dealer to learn more about supplemental feeding. Diet affects calf-weaning rates, re-breeding performance, reconditioning and fetal development.
For Bulls: To improve body condition – which deteriorates during breeding – feed to a body condition goal of 5 to 7.