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MTD Southwest 41AJCB-C902  Cone Blower Attachment MTD Southwest 41BJLE-C954  Edger Attachment MTD Southwest 41CJGC-C954  Cultivator Attachment
This blower attachment moves air at high speeds and in a concentrated fashion. High performance blower delivers up to 500 cfm of air volume. Includes concentrated nozzle for ideal airflow at 80 mph. 7-1/2" edger blade. 3.5" wheel. Compatible with most attachment capable units on the market. Blade depth up to 2-1/2" for deep edging. Large guide wheel for easy use. This garden cultivator features powerful steel tines for all your trimming needs. Cultivator with 4 8-bladed steel tines. 5" to 9" till width; depth up to 5". Poly guard keeps dirt, dust and debris away from operator.
MTD Southwest 41CJPS-C954  Pole Saw Attachment Mantis 330106 Pole Saw Attachment Schiller 330104 Line Trimmer Attachment
Reach up to 11'. 8" bar and chain with auto oiler saws through branches. Must be used with "MANTIS" E-System power head. Easily reaches tall tree branches. Reaches a distance of 5.5 feet without a ladder.  SPECIFICATIONS: 29.5" shaft length, 12" bar length, 90SG chain type, .043 gauge, 4.1 oz. oil tank volume. Assembled pruner with power head is 7.7 feet in length. Automatic chain oiler with adjustable oil flow. Cuts branches up to 4" thick. 4 lbs. tool weight. Must be used with "MANTIS" E-System power head. Cuts the grass your mower can't get to. SPECIFICATIONS: 24.5" shaft length. 16.75" cutting swath.
MTD Southwest 41BJAH-C954  Hedge Trimmer Attachment Mantis 330103 Edger Attachment Schiller 33012 Power Head
22" dual action blade hedge trimmer attachment. A powerful hedge trimmer blade. Comfortable wrap-around assist handle. Articulating head for improved reach. Must be used with "MANTIS" E-System power head. E-System is designed to keep the weight distributed so the edger rolls along smoothly. Easy to maneuver when edging walkways and driveways. SPECIFICATIONS:  24.5" shaft length, steel cutting blade, steel blade guard, 6" diameter guide wheel. Adjustable cutting depth up to 2". U-shaped guide handle for operator comfort. 7.2 lbs. tool weight. "MANTIS" E System power head has a lightweight design with extra long reach for very high or tough to reach spots. 115V AC, 60 Hz, 7.4 Amps, 850 Watts. Snap on attachment and go. No tools necessary. Includes a shoulder harness for comfort and balance. Attachments that can be purchased to be used with this item are: No.330103 (SKU 705.4315) Edger Attachment, No.330104 (SKU 057.8187) Line Trimmer Attachment, No.330105 (SKU 826.7536) Hedge Trimmer Attachment, No.330106 (SKU 158.9399) Pruner Attachment.SPECIFICATIONS: 850W power rating, 8,000 RPM, 36" shaft length. 11.8 lbs. tool weight.