Here are the baby birds we typically try to keep in stock. We also have others not shown here, but this is a good representation of the various breeds of healthy, quality chicks we offer. Availability can change at any time so we recommend you CALL BEFORE COMING to the store to buy your babies. Prices start at $3.99ea. We will receive birds starting Feb 23th 2016.

BUFF ORPINGTON. Orpingtons make good backyard birds because they are not inclined to fly much due to their size. Hens are good layers, averaging up to 200 medium to large light brown eggs a year. These chickens get large (Rooster about 10lbs and hen 8lbs) so they are also well suited for eating.
BARRED ROCK Often called the Plymouth Rock, this bird is great for backyards or small farms because they have a relatively good temperament, do well in the cold and produce large eggs and meat. The number of eggs laid each year depends on the variety of bird but their large eggs are light to medium brown. Average Rooster size is 9.5lbs and hens are about 6lbs.
AMERAUCANA. These chickens are good layers and ideal for backyards due to their docile, friendly nature. Adding to their popularity is the fact that they lay large eggs in various shades of blue and green. These medium sized bird (4-5lbs) are cold-hardy and also do well in confinement.

RHODE ISLAND RED A hardy utility bird raised for laying, meat and show. Known for their brown eggs, Rhode Island Reds can lay up to 200 large eggs a year or more depending on the care, treatment and quality of feed provided. Roosters weigh an average of about 8-9lbs and hens about 6lbs.

GOLD SEX LINK Great layers. A cross between Rhode Island Red males and Rhode Island White females. Raised for their hardiness and ability to produce more than 300 large brown eggs a year with proper care and feeding. Have a cold weather hardiness and typically pleasant personalities.

LEGHORN Do you say Foghorn Leghorn or Foghorn Leggern? Heck, you might even say Foggern Leggern. No matter how your pronounce their name, Leggerns churn out large white eggs like machines. Known for being standoff-ish and flighty, they will often settle down and become more friendly the more time you can spend with them. Tend to be efficient with feed, do well in the cold and will fly so you may find yourself clipping wings.

Other Breeds will include: Brahmas, Minorca, Welsummers, Iowa Blues, Maran, Russian Orloffs, Blue Andalusians, Wyandottes and Astralorps.

DUCKLINGS Hatchery choice. We typically receive Mallards and White Pekin ducklings. Mallards are raised for hunting clubs, gourmet meat, decoration, pets and exhibition. They are small with male and female birds weighing about 2 to 2-1/2lbs. White Pekin ducks are the most popular breed raised because of their hardiness, good fertility, excellent hatchability,calm temperament, large size and growth rate. Mature male and female ducks weigh 8-9lbs.

BROAD BREASTED TURKEYS Bronze and White. Broad Breasted Bronze turkeys are fast growing and have the beautiful natural color of wild turkeys. Bronze turkeys are the most popular for small farm flocks with mature males averaging about 25lbs and hens 16lbs. Broad Breasted White turkeys are used by commercial breeders for the production of turkey meat you're probably used to eating at Thanksgiving. Neither breed reproduces naturally.